• Apple’s former App Store director Phillip Shoemaker claims that the company has had a hostile attitude towards cryptocurrencies from day one.
• Shoemaker believes that the App Store rules have been changed in a way that is purposefully ambiguous, allowing Apple to act as a gatekeeper for cryptocurrency businesses and initiatives.
• The Commerce Department recently released a report backing up Shoemaker’s position on Apple’s stance towards cryptocurrencies.

Apple’s Hostile Attitude Towards Crypto

Apple was against crypto from day one, according to an ex-app store director, Phillip Shoemaker. He claims that the App Store rules have been changed in a way that is purposefully ambiguous, which gives Apple the freedom to maintain its arbitrary animus toward cryptocurrencies in general and NFTs in particular. This was backed up by a Commerce Department report.

App Store History

Shoemaker was initially responsible for creating the App Store policies with Steve Jobs, with the aim of making them simple and clear-cut so developers would know what they could and couldn’t do. After he left Apple in 2016, Phil Schiller took control over the App Store and updated its guidelines; according to Shoemaker, this caused a significant transition which led to Apple’s current hostile attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

Consequences for Developers

Getting an app listed in the Apple App Store can be difficult for cryptocurrency businesses and initiatives; if their application is denied it can result in serious consequences for app developers. During his time at Apple, Shoemaker received hundreds of death threats from irate programmers whose apps had been denied entry into the store; he also believes his app approvals impacted negatively on Apple’s stock value.

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