• Metropoly Beta 2.0 Dashboard will go live on Feb 10, 2023 with improved features and functionalities geared towards decentralizing the global real estate market using NFTs.
• The project has successfully raised $436,014.06 out of its minimum goal of $500,000, indicating an early sell-out.
• Metropoly is fast emerging to become the next big blockchain project as it offers an alternative investment vehicle for people looking to invest in real estate assets.

Metropoly Beta 2.0 Launch

The Metropoly Beta 2.0 Dashboard will go live on Feb 10, 2023, with new and upgraded features dedicated to decentralizing the global real estate market using NFTs. The announcement has revved up the METRO presale, which at the time of this writing has already raised $436,014.06 out of its minimum goal of $500,000—indicating an early sell-out.

What to Expect from Metropoly Beta 2.0?

The first version of Metropoly’s NFT marketplace launched earlier this year in January and was met with a grand reception from both crypto and real estate communities alike. It featured trading, auctions and mortgage capabilities along with a designated area to monitor monthly payouts made directly to your wallet in USDT; however it lacked certain personalization features that are expected in version two set for launch on February 10th .

Why Does Metropoly Matter?

Real estate is one of the best long-term investments available; however most people don’t have a real estate portfolio due to limited access, high initial capital requirements or lack of knowledge about it as an asset class.. This is where Metropoly comes into play by offering users an alternative investment vehicle via their decentralized platform which enables users to easily access and invest in real estate assets through blockchain technology and tokenized ownership models—bringing greater liquidity & transparency into what was once considered a static industry!

Metropoly’s Growing Popularity

Metropoly has been trending across social media platforms for a few weeks now as more and more people are recognizing its potential for becoming a game-changer within the real estate industry–providing investors with direct access to tokenized properties without any middlemen or brokers involved!


Metropoly’s upcoming release promises even better features & functionalities than before making it easier than ever before for individuals looking to get into real estate investing without having any prior knowledge or experience in the field! With such promising prospects ahead–it looks like we can expect great things from this innovative blockchain project!

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